IP Series by Ecode for Industrial De-Oiling

Purification Efficiency in the whole production cycle

IP Series comes from application of filtration processes, developed in ecology, in the industrial field in order to obtain hydrocarbons concentration abatement in waste and washing waters.

ADVANTAGES: Coalescing filter

The filter, specifically designed for these models, is made in alveolar polypropylene with a density of 0.9 g/cm3 and a melting point of 165° C. The principle of decantation of Oils is optimized by coalescence processes and allows a filtration up to 2,700 l/h.

high breaking load resistance, low density,  high thermal resistance, high abrasion resistance

Fixed installation
Ideal for tanks up to 300 Lt of capacity
Flow rate: 600 l/h
Dimensions: 500x350x850h

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