Gama de alimentatoare de bare Magic

automatic-management MatrixAUTOMATIC MANAGEMENT
The MAGIC bar feeder is completely managed by the PLC interacting with a Brushless motor and a pneumatic valves system which controls speed, thrust and all the automations. From the PLC the operator can shift from one diameter to another one in 60 seconds, simply entering the intended diameter on the keyboard.


In order to ease the spindle liners insertion, the MAGIC bar feeder it’s equipped with a rail system that enables a 800 mm radial or axial displacement (alternative option), helping also the lathe servicing. The bar feeder fastening, on its rails, is provided by fast block hooks.


salf-adjusting-guide-channelSELF ADJUSTING GUIDE CHANNEL
The bar feeder guide channel is mobile, allowing to process bar diameters ranging from 8mm up to 110 mm; the system is managed by the PLC. The guide channel is entirely made in special plastic material, in order to grant a smooth and silent bar scrolling.



bar-storage-magicBAR STORAGE
The MAGIC is equipped with a single level storage, measuring 800mm in depth, which can be applied both on the left or right side of the machine (alternative option) and features an angle-adjusting system, which allows to change the angle of the bar loading.





MAGIC-BUSHING-SYSTEMThe MAGIC BUSHING SYSTEM (sold apart) increase the lathe spindle length of 500mm, allowing to process in complete safety, bars that normally would protrude from the back of the spindle.





To achieve the full capability of the MAGIC bar feeder, the internal diameter of the spindle liners should not be larger than 5mm more than the bar to process. The spindle liner can be fixed by means of a flange, bolted to the rear part of the lathe.



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